Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Twisted Tuesdays - 7/15/14 - A Simple Misunderstanding Sneak Peek - #SpankingRomance #CorbinsBend

NEWS FLASH!: My book was released a day early.  It's available at Blushing Books now.

Anyone who knows Maren Smith will realize this is an especially fitting location for her.  The lady can write some seriously twisted stuff in a way that leaves you begging for more.  Marcus Devon is the hero in her upcoming release Last Dance for Cadence, and he's a secondary character in my book, A Simple Misunderstanding. To celebrate her new release, Maren is offering a free copy of each Corbin's Bend book.  Today she's doing an excerpt from A Simple Misunderstanding that features Marcus.

She'll be selecting one commenter on her blog to receive a free copy of my book, and announcing the winner the moment the book is released on Wednesday, the 16th (hopefully around midnight).

So, if you want a chance to win a copy of A Simple Misunderstanding, hop over to Maren's Bad Girl's Corner Blog and leave a comment.  But before you go, I'll post a Sneak Peek featuring Marcus here as well.  I mean, it's only fair. Maren shouldn't have all the fun.

In this scene, Elly is in the hospital after her husband's attack. Jerry has been spending all his time with her, so Marcus and Brent have come to spell him for an hour or so.

When Brent returned without Jerry, Elly’s stomach twisted. Her expression must have reflected her unease, for Brent promptly smiled and said, “Don’t worry. He only went downstairs for a cup of coffee. He’ll be right back.”
Though she gave a nod, Elly suspected Jerry’s unexpected absence wasn’t entirely due to sudden caffeine withdrawal. And that worried her.
Marcus Devon leaned forward to touch her hand. “Are you in pain, Elly?”
Smiling back at him, she shook her head. “No. I was just thinking about something. Sorry.”
“Don’t apologize. Your injuries were serious enough to be life-threatening, so you’re a very lucky lady to be sitting here chatting with us at all.”
Elly nodded, then frowned. “I can’t remember much of what happened. It’s all a blur to me now.”
“That’s not unusual, either. Your system has been through a serious shock. The doctors here will tell you what you can and cannot do, but your activities are going to be extremely limited for the next six weeks or so. Your body needs to heal, so no stairs, and no lifting anything above a couple pounds, which includes Muffin. Your dressing will need to be changed at least once a day, probably more often in the beginning. I’d say your temperature should be taken twice a day for a week; more often if you aren’t well. Your blood pressure should also be monitored on a frequent basis. These things are done every few hours in the hospital, and they shouldn’t suddenly stop just because you’re home. In other words, you’re going to need someone to watch you closely for the first week or so.”
“I hadn’t thought about that.”
“Perhaps it’s time you did, then. Given how well you’re doing now, you may be released as early as tomorrow afternoon, but I’d say Wednesday morning is more likely.”
When the room unexpectedly tilted, Elly shut her eyes and put a hand to her throbbing temple, fearing a migraine. Marcus didn’t hesitate to take charge.

Now head on over to Maren's blog and enter for a chance to win.


  1. This is fantastic Kathryn and Maren! Loved the snippet. Gotta love a man who takes charge!:) Off to visit Maren now:)


  2. Great snippet, read the other snippet over at Maren's. Glad this one is almost here.

  3. Wonderful writing - but no surprise there. It's great that you two have coordinated Marcus' character to fit so well in both books. I'm eagerly anticipating A Simple Misunderstanding. Wednesday can't come soon enough!


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