Thursday, October 18, 2012

Silken Sheets and Seduction-An Invitation

Sexy, sensuous and playful.  Okay, at least one of those adjectives could apply to me, but all of them apply to the web site I'm currently visiting, Silken Sheets & Seduction.

Like a good guest, I did my best to clean up for the party, but it is "come as you are."  So, whether you've just gotten home from work, hopped out of the shower or finished raking up the autumn leaves from your yard, you are invited to come over and visit just as you are.

It's a great site, so if you haven't seen it yet, take time to look around and comment.  You'll find lots of authors taking on interesting and sometimes controversial topics.  I'm promoting "A Dom's Dilemma" and discussing why Jim and Kelly got their own book.  I also posted a small excerpt.

I'd love to see you over there.


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