Monday, October 29, 2012

New Cover for Deadly Enchantment

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New Cover
Wow!  Same story with a brand new look.  Deadly Enchantment is getting a makeover.  No word yet on the new release date for the novel, but shape-shifting looks a lot more dangerous and erotic with this cover, don't you think?  Here, my hero, Dominic, looks like he might have designs on his lady's neck.  Maybe he has a little vampire in him that I didn't realize.  Who knew?  I'm not sure who the artist is, but it looks like Eliza Black's work.  As soon as I get more information, I'll post it.

Below is DE's original cover.  It was done by Alex DeShanks.

Original Cover
Think I'll put together a poll to ask which cover the readers prefer.

More information on the new release to follow as soon as it is available..


  1. Hm. I like them both, but they convey such a drastic difference. The new one is sexier, but the old one has an old world charm.

  2. Most definitely the new cover, very eye catching.

  3. Thanks guys. I agree that the covers are drastically different. I love the art in the new one, and it will probably attract a host of new and different readers when it becomes available.


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