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Six Sentence Sunday - September 30 - A Dom's Dilemma

This material is Not Safe For Work. If you’re not over 18, please explore elsewhere.

Welcome to my 6SS where I hope to provide you with tiny little tidbits of the most sexy and sensuous moments in my books. Just 6 sentences, that I intend to build from my Horny Hump Day 3 sentence feature. The books might be already published, works-in-progress, or even sentences from other sexy books I think you’ll like.  Of course, I will properly attribute all works, even mine.

My post for this Sunday is from my 4th book, A Dom's Dilemma, an erotic BDSM/spanking novel to be published soon by Blushing Books.  Kelly and Jim, the two main characters, were secondary characters in Arrested by Love.  Though this story stands on its own, if you read Arrested by Love, you'll most likely recognize some of the scenes, although hopefully with a new insight, since they are given from a different character's point of view.

For its preview on Six Sentence Sunday, I decided to share the scene in A Dom's Dilemma where Jim is making love to Kelly for the first time and has positioned her on the bed like his own personal smorgasbord.  Kelly has been wanting Jim for a few days, and is eager to have him, but Jim still wants things done his way, so he's being insistent she do exactly as he says....  Typical Dom.

* * * * *
                Grabbing her legs, he positioned her feet on the edge of the bed.  She tried to scoot her butt back, but he shook his head and pulled her closer toward him.  "No, stay like this.  First things first, I want to take a little taste of my treat before I sink into it."
                Then directing her to lie back and relax, he lowered his mouth to the shiny pink morsel that beckoned for his lips and teeth and caught the hint of a familiar woodsy fragrance.  He preferred strawberries, but the slight scent of pine still brought a smile to his face.
* * * * *

Why does the scent of pine still bring a smile to Jim's face?  It's proof positive Kelly stole his soap and shampoo because it reminded her of him, and she liked to be enveloped in his scent.

M/F, Sexy happenings in rural Connecticut.

When A Dom's Dilemma is released for sale, I'll post more information about where it can be purchased and provide a 3 chapter preview on my web site.  So, keep watching.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak preview. Your comments are encouraged. Please stop by the Six Sentence Sunday site to get a peek at the offerings the other authors for 6SS.

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