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#WIPitUP - 7/6/16 - Learning to be Little - On the streets #Ageplay #BDSM

WIP: Work in progress.  WIP it up Wednesday is a hop where writers share portions of the project they're working on with readers.  I really like the idea because it allows me to share something that's still in the creative stage as well as work behind the scenes as a prompt to keep me writing.

The WIP I've chosen to share today is tentatively titled "Learning to be Little: Kelly's Story."  It is a story about Kelly Franklin's first immersion into BDSM with a Daddy Dom. It begins in the present directly after "A Dom's Dilemma" then slips into her past before returning to the present again. It's my first attempt at an age play story, but I hope it will provide a lot more insight into Kelly's character. Though the manuscript is still in edits at this point, I decided to begin sharing snippets of my first draft, beginning with the start of Kelly's nightmare.

The mock cover I used for Camp NaNo
I'm continuing where I left off last time. As an only child born to two only children, a young and precocious Kelly Franklin seeks out her Daddy whenever something frightens her. Unfortunately, her Daddy isn't available to soothe her and two strange men were hurting her mother. Scared, Kelly remains as quiet as a mouse in her parent's closet until the police pull her out. Twelve years later, Kelly still suffers nightmares from that time.

Kelly blinked away the tiny bits of white that clung to her lashes. She still had nightmares about the events of that night, even though it was over twelve years ago. She was eighteen now, and homeless. 
Wondering how everything had gone so wrong, she wrapped her arms about herself in an effort to keep warm. New York City streets could be brutal in the winter. The City didn't get a lot of snow, but treacherous patches of ice dotted the sidewalk when temperatures dipped below freezing. Her woolen coat had definitely seen better days, and the soles of her shoes were so thin now a piece of paper would have been just as effective. Her lack of substantial winter garments allowed the cold to nip and bite at her through every seam and gap it could find, until her toes and fingers grew numb. She'd fallen a long way, and it all happened in a very short time.
The period of her life from the break-in that killed her parents to where she stood now had occurred in a blur of distant memories. She didn't like to remember any of it, and yet with her teeth chattering and her fingers aching as she attempted to find shelter from the wind in a small alleyway, she couldn't seem to think of anything else.

After the policewoman carried her downstairs, and police had finally come to the conclusion that a terrified six-year-old made one lousy witness, Child Services took over her care. Both her parents were only children, so despite all their efforts to locate a family member who would take her, it seemed no one desired to add a temperamental six-year-old to their home. Following protocol, Child Services first tried placing her in foster homes, but Kelly's nightmares and belligerent attitude toward strangers scared the other children too badly, obliging Child Services to move her into a Residential Treatment Center. Unfortunately, that meant she was surrounded by even more children and adults, so she kept running away. Consequently, Kelly found herself homeless and penniless with no relatives to harbor her, and a penchant to run away every chance she got. So, she was handed over to one of the few parish orphanages remaining in existence.

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  1. Oh my, another intense and great snippet Kathryn. Poor Kelly, she has been through so much.


  2. I agree with Roz! Intense and tension filled. Poor old Kelly... I hope life starts getting better for her soon :) - Fab snippet!


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