Thursday, December 6, 2012

December's a Month for Memories

Every month I hold a trivia contest on my website ( where I ask a question from one of my books, have readers answer by filling out a form on my site, then select a winner from the number of entries I receive.  I follow up with e-mail notifications at the end of the contest to the entrants, to advise them they answered the question correctly, then a separate e-mail to inform the winner.

This December I'm offering a pocket digital photo frame.  It holds 100 photos and is small enough to carry with your keys, or use its small stand and place it on your desk.  An easy and convenient way to show off your holiday photos to friends and family (see picture of box below)

To enter, please visit the Trivia Contest Page on my website, which you will find listed under the Goodies & News section on the main menu.  Or scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on my Monthly Trivia Contest link.  If you've entered my contests before, just make sure the page your seeing is for is for December's Contest.

Happy hunting!

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