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Frisky Friday - 6/3/16 - Past Interference - Jerry prepares Elly #DD #Anal

It's Frisky Friday!  Yay!  And I'm sharing an excerpt from my new spanking novella in the Corbin's Bend series, Past Interferencethe sequel to A Simple Misunderstanding. Past Interference is part of the Corbin's Bend Valentine's Day collection "Love in the Rockies," and is not being sold separately.

What she needed was the opposite of what she wanted.

In this scene, which begins Chapter 7, Elly and Jerry are due to be married in a couple of days and Elly is suffering from severe misgivings. Not about Jerry.  She loves him to pieces, but she loved her first husband, too, until he changed into a person she no longer recognized on their wedding night. 

Elly's first husband abused her terribly, but he took special delight in hurting her anally. Jerry has decided the best way to prove to Elly that he's not like her husband, is to show her, and he starts things off by giving her a massage with caramel popcorn scented oil, then pleasures her with his mouth until she nearly comes. At that point, he stops and orders her to turn over. Far from ready to experience what he intends next, Elly refuses. Unfortunately, earlier in the evening they'd established a rule that the word no isn't in Elly's vocabulary, and using it will earn her a punishment. 

To prove he's serious, Jerry begins to count. For every number he calls, Elly gets one swat. If he reaches five, he'll get the hairbrush. If he reaches ten, he'll fetch the Corbin's Bend paddle. Caught between bad and worse, Elly tries to dissuade him, but he continues to count, and reaches four before she capitulates by rolling over. With an agreed count of four, Jerry administers her spanking then begins her massage. Elly is starting to relax when Jerry increases the intimacy of his stroking and instructs her to tuck her knees beneath her and get up on all fours.  Though Elly isn't at all certain she's ready for what Jerry intends, he remains firm as he prepares her for anal intercourse.

Her protest emerged as a mumbled ‘ugh,’ but she did as she was told and his finger slipped in a little further, stretching her more than was comfortable. An unexpected cramp indicated her rectum was unpleasantly full and needed to be emptied. Afraid her bowels would disgrace her, Elly clenched again, but he persisted with a steady in-and-out movement that her body slowly recognized. Unable to help herself, Elly responded by lifting her hips.
“That’s a girl. Feels good, doesn’t it? Ride the wave, sweetheart.
Her mind and body at war, Elly tried shutting off her brain to allow her senses full reign. Jerry’s soft encouragement urged her toward acceptance until a slight stirring of pleasure took bloom and he withdrew, shifted and pushed in again. This time the stretching grew into a painful reminder both her mind and body instantly resisted.
“Ox!” she called, panting through the burn. Jerry promptly stilled his movements for a moment before proceeding at a much slower pace.
“What did you do?” Elly demanded, getting up on her hands to look back at him.
“Head down, Elly.”
Though his tone didn’t brook disobedience, her body opposed his intentions. “But —”
“You heard me young lady. My instructions are not open to debate.”
Groaning in protest, Elly resumed her position, then tucked her head beneath her arms to hold it in place. Jerry could be so bossy at times, and her butt paid the price if she didn’t listen. And right now, it was consumed by an aching burn.


Elly loves and trusts Jerry, but he's about to take her way beyond her comfort zone.

M/F Domestic Discipline in Colorado.


Valentine's Day in Corbin's Bend.  As Elly Benson readies herself for her second wedding, the doubts and misgivings of any new bride-to-be are exacerbated by the abuse she suffered during her first marriage.

Though she's lived with Jerry Douglas for four months now, and been subject to his discipline more than once, Elly's first husband had been kind and careful with her, too, until the day she vowed to love, honor and obey him.  The lessons she's learned from the past make her doubt she can ever find happiness in the future.

Love in the Rockies is available at the following locations.

I also have a page on my web site where I am offering a sample of the first two chapters. If you're interested, visit either the Spanking Romance or Past Interference page in the Over 18 section of my website.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed this brief excerpt and wish you and yours a very Frisky Friday

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