Sunday, January 6, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - January 6 - Arrested by Love #SixSunday

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Welcome to my 6SS where I hope to provide you with tiny little tidbits of the most sexy and sensuous moments in my books. Just 6 sentences, that I intend to build from my Horny Hump Day 3 sentence feature. The books might be already published, works-in-progress, or even sentences from other sexy books I think you’ll like.  Of course, I will properly attribute all works, even mine.

My post for this Sunday is from my 3rd book, Arrested by Love. An erotic spanking novel published by Blushing Books.

One of Blushing Books top 50 Best Sellers of All Time!

In this scene, Tiffany and Kyle, having had a small tiff, are working through their issues.  Despite having just been firm with her, Kyle is protective of Tiffany's health.  Tiffany, however, desires for them to make up in the age old way of men and women.  And though Kyle isn't opposed to the notion, there are certain conditions Tiffany will need to meet first.

* * * * *
                He wasted no time in lifting her t-shirt off, but was amazed once again by the way her ribs stuck out.  He ran his hand lightly across them.  "You lost way too much weight, Tiff.  You're practically nothing but skin and bones."
                She closed her eyes and reveled in his touch.  "But I'm definitely making up for it now.  I probably gained a pound yesterday, and will gain another today."
                "At that rate it will be a month before you're back to where you were, and another month before you are near to where you should be."
* * * * *

M/F, Sexy spankings in rural Connecticut.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at Arrested by Love
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I hope you enjoyed this sneak preview. Your comments are encouraged. Please stop by the Six Sentence Sunday site to get a peek at the offerings the other authors for 6SS.


  1. Aw. His concern for her is so sweet.

  2. It's nice that he's so concerned. A very sweet six today!


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