Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Arrested by Love is in the Top 10 Best Selling Spanking E-Books at Blushing Books

Arrested by Love, published on 11/1/2011 is number 7 on Blushing Books best-selling list of 2011.  It is among great company, so I am thrilled.

Korey Johnson at Blushing Books wrote the article for the Cherry Red Report, and she did a very nice write-up on Arrested by Love.
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7. Arrested by Love by Kathryn R. Blake
This story sold a hundred copies over its first weekend–it flew right out of the door, with reason. It has everything. It’s like a buffet table of spanking goodies. We have some domestic discipline, we have some BDSM, we have some age play roleplay and some master-slave built in.
Not only that, but it’s a romance with hints of a mystery, all bundled up in a hard-to-handle situation, so the plot will keep you interested even if the vast amount of spankings doesn’t.
Kathryn’s a brand-new author for us but I can say she’s coming along swimmingly. 
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The list in reverse order is:
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  1. Hey, congrats on making it to #7 on the top 10! That's a wonderful accomplishment, Kathryn. I know you're on cloud 9 now. :)

  2. Still floating up there, Jenna. Thanks for the support.


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